His Place is small charity in Hastings, who's aim is to provide a social safe place for the general public to access a unique community venue offering activities to reduce isolation, a safe meeting place and friendly environment for all to enjoy. Our service includes the His Place Art Café & Community Centre as well as His Place Community Church and our partnership with the community theatre called ‘OPUS Theatre’. All profits from our activities are ploughed back into maintaining the building and services for the community. His Place is totally self-funded through donations, Opus Theatre Events, Cafe and Venue hire income.

We are have a variety of external organisations running their activities from our premises including 'Hastings Safe Space' (NHS initiative), 1066 Crafters etc. This website is solely for the community art cafe and community centre, for information on the church activities use this link - His Place Community Church and for Opus Theatre this one.

Welcome: Everyone will find a welcome at His Place Art Café and Community Centre. Dogs A with their owners to sit in the lounge area on the half landing. Therapy dogs are allowed in the main cafe and activity areas. The cafe is staffed fully by volunteers who wish to serve the community.  

Activitieswe have a variety of spaces available for customers use and some organised activity sessions as well as self 

managed activities. Everyone is welcome to take part in. The café staff are happy to turn the back-ground music off if you would like peace and quiet

Food: We have a large range of homemade pies and other dishes as well as snacks on the menu. Cakes and deserts also available.                                                                             

Art work for sale - we have local artists paintings decorating our walls.  Most pieces are for sale, some are available in print format. The sale of which a percentage of the sale price goes to the building restoration fund.


   More posters coming soon,  mens cooking workshop / finance workshop / Wellbeing



Heritage Building at Risk in Hastings, East Sussex.  (Grade A on the Heritage at Risk Register - now known as His Place Community Church, which includes the cafe and OPUS Theatre usage.           


Robertson Street Former United Reformed Church (Formally Congregational Church) ] The first church on this site dates from 1857 and we still have some of the original structure.  This building opened 1885 following the work of architect Henry Ward. Our aim was and still  is to restore this building and collate the history for the future generations.   Ensuring this building remains a church as well as community venue for all. We have made it water tight by

mending the roof and have completed numerous works without asking the  public or grant makers for help. Now though there are some window repairs and masonry repairs that need to be completed and we have failed for the second time to secure a  Heritage Lottery Grant. due to not having secured the 50% of the costs towards the work. In 2016 the masonry and window repairs were quoted at costing £250,000  in 2018 the cost of repairs due to the stone being rear and the extra damage to window which will have to be removed when the stone is repaired had risen to £400,000 with Heritage grants we would have to make capital changes and arrange education and other community based activities and pay a number of professionals to oversea the project which are non negotiable with grants therefore we would have to apply for in the region of £800,000. We would prefer to repair the urgent work on the outer building and then work ourselves at upgrading the interior if the money has to come from grants as we believe a larger number of charities should be able to benefit from grant funds where ever they get them from to have a larger impact on the communities in the UK. WE WILL NOT GIVE UP

What you can do to make a difference and help us repair and restore this gem of a building for the community ?  Use the facilitates of His Place Art Café  and Community Centre - which is one of of income streams (Accessible by Robertson Street.)  Support OPUS Theatre (access vie Cambridge Road Entrance, Pray for the building to not decay further and for funds to be generated by what ever means, Fund raise for us with the knowledge of all donations and fundraising being solely for the repair and restoration project or Donate as every penny small or large will make a difference.  Apart from the church activities these are the income generators that help maintain this building. We don’t have government funding or any other incomes. We are a volunteer lead charity and everyone involved in this place wants us to keep it going for as many years ahead as possible to provide a service to the community as was the intention of the original owners from 1885.

If you have a desire to support through volunteering, fundraising,  supporting with maintenance work that we are allowed to undertake ourselves under the guidance of Rev Chris Sears MBE then please get in touch. The Stained Glass window repairs will take two and half years due to the time it takes to remove every piece fill in the gaps, straighten the iron work, re colour and put back in place. The stone masonry will be completed within 3 months of it being started. We have a short time left with the current planning permission which in itself took a year to get permission for therefore we would rather get this work started before that permission finishes as the beautiful sea air will continue to decay the  building until it has been washed of all the chemicals from the soot during the war years and since then the fumes from cars. 

Open  days coming soon to show the public this beautiful building and the work required.  The history of Robertson Street URC Church and the educational reform and community work that was undertaken and social support and education provided in the other building that they once owned which was situated where SAGA is now will be added to this website soon. We are fortunate to have copies of  the published records of the work of Cambridge Road Congregational Church and Robertson Street URC church. We would like to add to the history books so please contact us and share your stories or memories either for public knowledge or just for our record  books.  

His Place registered charity 1054331

His Place serves  the community by running this not for profit community art café  and community centre situated on the ground floor of this grade 2 listed church building.  The building was built in the 1880's as a Congregational Church. It replaced the smaller church on the site. Photographs on this site are copyrighted and are owned by the people who own the art / crafts in the photos. They have given permission for these photos to be used.. Some images have been taken from Pixabay