Our Activity Hosts

Sue C -  Sue is an artist as well as an experienced children's worker and health and well-being advocate.  Sue hosts the art group,  the gentle exercise and stretching groups. 

Andy - our chef who teaches people how to make a food bank parcel feed a family of 4 for a week. You don't have to be in receipt of food bank parcels to attend his Saturday cooking sessions. Please book in advance. Cost £2 per person per week, you will be able to eat with group after cooking and take a copy of the recipe home to add to your collection.

Debra K - Debra is a professional crafter as well as a carer. Debra has a history of poor health which lead to her finding a love of craft which she used as a therapy to get better. Debra know goes out of her way to share her passion of crafting. Debra also has a Tefal qualification and her dream is for His Place to be  place where multi nationals can meet and learn conversational English while taking part in activities together. Debra also runs group class sessions from her home and offers more crafting activities than what is offered at His Place. So for more information on her work go to: http://www.dekothecraftycrafter.com

Julie R - Julie is a professional seamstress and upholsterer. She volunteers once a week to teach people to sew for free. If you have a small mending job she is happy to teach and assist in getting the small jobs done either for you or with you at no cost. For information about her business check out http://www.stitchesandstuffing.com

Nicola R - Nicola is an experienced complex care worker for adults and children. Also Nicola is an active member or SHADES theatre company and trained in Performing Arts after leaving school which gave her a grounding in events management which has followed her through her working life. Running events for CRUK and other charities over the years.  Nicola is young at heart and assists when needed with Kids cafe and hosts a variety of events. This summer Nicola will be organising some children's event for families to enjoy at His Place.

Arron - is one of the workers coming to us from 'ETc' a local charity who we are working with to provide other activities. Melanie will be on hand to teach computer lessons. A simple course that is recognised and funded by charity and will help people of all ages become computer literate.

Rev Chris -  Chris is an qualified builder and carpenter by trade. When Chris started out life as a minister it was his part time job and building work was the day time job for him. Chris is hoping to be able to  share  his love of maintenance and building work  in the near future. Chris would love to be share his love of  carpentry and pass on his knowledge and skills. When were ready to do simpler maintenance tasks and plastering etc that is required here we will be able to recruit volunteers who would like to assist. As with all our activities - we are fully insured and have public liability insurance. Everything is risk assessed and you would be supported with what ever activity you undertake. Chris is also an accomplished musician and artist. 

Our Resident Artists


Lorna Steuart:  I do abstract paintings using acrylic paint. When I became a widow I wanted to start a new hobby to fill in time and distract my thoughts. When I attended a workshop on cognitive thinking ,I was offered art classes and accepted. That is how it all started.

Jenny Spencer: Drawing and painting have always been a natural inclination. To be part of the Art Café is a tremendous privilege. Being involved with the project from the beginning has been an adventure. One of the most admired characters from the Old Testament is Bezalel the master designer. God gave him talents and skills in many areas of craftsmanship [Exodus 35:30-33] The natural world has become a great source of inspiration in my artwork with dreams and visions being of particular interest to me. 

Sue Christie: Sue has a great love of art and enjoys teaching beginners how to paint still life as well as exploring with colour. Sue is  a volunteer at the kids cafe and assists young people and their parents to enjoy expressing themselves through art and craft.

Richard: Richard enjoys painting. He particularly enjoys painting religious icons.

Gillian Lambourne: Gillian is a talented guitarist and a artist. 

Bruce Wick: Bruce is our "resident" photographer. He has practiced the art of photography for over 50 years in more than 60 countries throughout the world. He has a great love for God's creation and his artwork covers everything from flowers to landscapes to architecture.He has hundreds of photographs of Hastings and the surrounding area. He also photographs local events for various and organisations and is never seen without his camera around his neck. His artwork is available for sale.