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Assessible information: Our ground floor - cafe, hall, sensory room, training kitchen and WC's are all wheelchair accessible.  We have a changing plinth in the disabled toilet also. Wramp available from front entrance and stair lift for use to the first floor. If you need us to make an activity more acceissble please ask and we will do our best. We have a electric desk available  in the hall and sponge grips for paint brushes, knifes and folkes.  Beakers and straws available also. 


10am till 12 - mid-day Scatter and natter - Todlar group / parent Gardian play time.  We offer the hall and sensory room for your use. There are a variety of games, toys, paint, dvds and books for you and the children. 
12-mid-day - 4pm = 1066 Crafters - this is a social craft group for anyone whom has a mental health diagnosis. This group uses the cafe as a permanant venue. They do rug making, art, craft kits, sewing, model making etc. There is a cost of £2 for this session including tea, coffee and biscutes that they provide. They meet in the  hall and enjoy a social time together. 


10am - 12 mid-day = Coffee Morning - this is a free social, come and have a coffee, meet other people. If you fancy a game of chess or scrable while here there is always someone who will join in over coffee. Meet in the hall where the tea, coffee, squash and buiscutes will be free and limitless during this time. 

10:00 - 12 mid-day = Money Managment 5 Week Course - 1st & 3rd Tuesday each month, come to as many sessions as you want.  FREE to attend. this is an oportunity to learn how to budget, learn skills for savy saving and shopping, signposting, debt management, safe shopping online. Run by a former Christians against poverty worker. Click here to email for more informaiton or to book your place. Booking essential 

1pm - 2.30pm 1st & 3rd Tuesday each month = Sewing, Knitting & Crochet workshop with Carol. This normaly takes place on the first floor, there is a stair lift for those who require it. All materials etc supplied. If required due to mobility issues this group can be moved to the ground floor cafe sofa area that will be re-arranged.  If you have items you want to mend bring them along and learn how. Email for further information. 

1pm  - 2.30pm = Connections group- AlPHA course followed by St Johns Gospel study - this is a relaxed meeting where you can debate, ask quetions and share views. Led by Rev Chris Sears. You do not have to be a church goer or Christian to come along. You may just be intreasted in knowing more about what church is and christianity. This meeting takes place in the sensory room, which is through the hall. You can ask at the counter if your not sure where to go. 


10:00 - 12:00 = Scatter & Natter - Todlar and adult play - please see information from Monday. 
12 mid-day till 4pm = 1066 Crafters - please see information from Tuesday
19:00 - 20:30 = Bible Study - Praise, prayer & Informal bible study, discussion group. This time is led by Rev Chris Sears and worship lead by Gill Lambourne. This meeting takes place in the soft seating area of the cafe. 


closed but available for day hire and evening hire
1st Thursday of month - Silver Surfer comes to evening cafe - social time, music, chil out zone. 


10am - 11:30am 2nd & 4th week each month. Mens Cooking Group - we are fortunate to have a  retired chef 'Andy ' offering to teach or encourage men to cook nutrious meals, starting with a simple soup in week one moving onto things like, pasta dishes, lasanga, casseroles etc.  Vegitarian options also available to make each week.   Teaching you how to make your money stretch, batch cooking and also making the most of a food bank shop. £4 per person - take home what you make and a copy of the recipe. Booking essential, meet in the training Kitchen situatied at the back end of the cafe.
11:30am - 12:30pm  Friday Paint Group - alternate weeks,  Free painting social group, open to all, materials supplied. mixed group of ages and abilities. Unbelivably friendly. If you want to learn some new skills the more experianced artists in the group will happily help you.  They run mini art exhabitions various times during the year. Meet in the hall. Just turn up it's free. 

11:30 - 12:00 mid - day  Flex and Stretch - gentle exersise group alterante weeks. Run by Sue. A variety of music is used from Tina Turner, gospel, pop and hip hop to name but a few. Open to all ages, chairs available for those requrieing a seat. The youngest participent was 7 years old and the oldest 92. Sue and Jenny are qualified to teach exercise classes and they just ask that if you have a medical condition that you let them know and do not exert yourslef unless you realy feel you want to and it's safe to do so. Just turn up it's free. 

1pm - 2.30pm 2nd & 4th week each month. Ladies Cooking Group - run by Carol - come a long enjoy learning to cook if you can not already or just come and have a socail and enjoy the activity. To find out what's cooking contact Carol and she can advise what the meal is. Again booking essential. Carers welcome to. 

5:45pm - 6.45pm = 12 Step Addiction Recovery Program - this is a practicle faith based program based on the AA's big book but with the use of biblical examples for the 12 steps, video clips, discussion. No pressure to share experiances but oportunity to if you wish. Open to anyone who has an addiction  / behaviour that is controling their lives. Example addictions - alchol, substance mis-use, food, money spending, social media, self harm etc..... To gain entry after 7pm ring door bell situated under the grab rail by front door. We meet in the soft seating area of the cafe. Confidential meeting and nothing spoken in the meeting is repeated outside of it. Led by Nicola.
7pm - 10pm = 2nd friday of the month - One Hastings Many Voices, open mic night and social evening. Cafe open, food and soft drinks available. Oportunity to entertain, and show case.


10am - 12:00 Childrens Craft fun - 1st Saturday of the month, crafts kits available to purchase and make, pocket money prices, painting, sewing.

10am - 2pm Carers Lunch and games time  - 3rd Saturday of month. Carers and cared for welcome as always but today it's buy one get one free on all meals. Board games, domino's and other activities available for use.
1pm - 2.30pm Healing Rooms - Free confidential prayer, this is run by Dr Susana and her team. Part of the national healing rooms organisation. You do not need to be a christian or have a faith to come and ask for prayer or to share your worries. They have the faith to belive for your healing. Example of needs - loss of job, poor health, money worries. Just turn up and register - totaly confidential.

10pm - 4am - Hastings Safe Space - oportunity to find sanctury or a resting place after a night out, first aid support on site and reasurance. The Street Pastors and the doormen will help you or your friend to gain entry to His Place on a saturday night for help. Don't be afraid if you  need help, need somewhere to sober up  before going home or you are in an anxious state or more - you will be supported to manage your situation. This is a NHS initiative.

Every week, every day - the games, dvd's, computers, toys etc are available for use. If the hall is not free - you can normaly take a game from the cuboards or use equipment and activiteis that are around the venue. All we ask is you put what you have used away before leaving. Anti bacterial wipes are available for you to aid in keeping us clean. 

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